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Special Education

GACC provides special education services for students in Pre-K through 12th grade. Mrs. Kim Knobbe is our full-time special education teacher and is endorsed in the State of Nebraska. The goal of our special education department mirrors our school’s goal as it assists students in reaching their fullest potential in all aspects of their lives.

If a student needs direct instruction, the teacher is able to provide pullout services for that student to target skills in one or more specific subject areas. At other times, the special education teacher may go into a classroom and assist the regular classroom teacher by providing inclusive services to students as they remain with their peers. Some students may only need assistance at certain times during the year so the special education teacher may read tests to student, record dictation, assist with organization, provide task analysis, or support with other academic skills. On other occasions, the special education teacher is used as a consultant by the regular classroom teacher in order to provide suggestions on methods to be used with different types and levels of learners. All teachers are provided with a list of accommodations and modifications which are included in the student’s Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) and are to be implemented in the classrooms.

If a teacher believes a student might have a learning or behavior problem, he/she contacts the special education teacher who will begin the identification process. The special education teacher will contact the parents to discuss with them the concerns that the school has in regards to their child. At this point, a process begins that involves the work of the Student Assistance Team (SAT) which consists of the principal, special education teacher, the student’s homeroom teacher along with any other teachers who have the student. The SAT team will meet for a series of meetings. At each of the meetings, the team discusses the student’s progress, instructional strategies, and the effectiveness of any interventions which were implemented. During the final meeting, the SAT team will determine if testing would be beneficial.

If testing is recommended, West Point – Beemer Public School will provide forms for permission to test and set up a testing schedule. Once testing is completed, a Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) Conference will be scheduled to share results with parents and staff. The results from the testing will determine if the student qualifies according to Rule 51 of the State of Nebraska for Speech Services, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, or Educational Services.

If the student is verified, an IEP will be developed to address the specific needs of the student. At this point, the parent(s) will need to determine if they would like their student to receive services from GACC or the public school. If the parent chooses to have the student receive assistance through GACC, the special education teacher from GACC will lead the team meeting to develop the IEP. This IEP will include verification of disability as defined by Rule 51 of the State of Nebraska, the results of the MDT meeting including all testing results, specific IEP goals written to address the individual needs of the student, the amount of time services will be provided and in what setting, progress monitoring information, and any accommodations or modifications that need to be implemented for the academic success of the student. This IEP is reviewed and updated annually or more often if needed. After the IEP is finalized the parent will receive a final copy.

If the parents would like the student to receive services through the public school, the student will be bussed to their school to receive instruction. If this option is the parents’ choice, the public school will write the student’s IEP and progress monitor the student.

Any student on an IEP will have a complete reevaluation done every three years. This determines if the student is still eligible for services or if their needs have changed. This reevaluation is required to be completed by the public school who will share the results in an MDT meeting.

Students at GACC may also qualify for speech language services. These services are provided by a speech pathologist that comes to our school several days a week. This professional is provided by the public school and required to provide services to our students. The speech language pathologist will conduct and write the IEP for any student who receives speech services at GACC.

Occasionally a student may need to receive physical or occupational therapy as part of their IEP. These services are also provided at GACC by the public school representative. The appropriate therapist will write any appropriate goals to address the needs of the individual student.

The special education department at GACC is always open to discussing any questions or concerns parents may have in regards to his or her student’s academic success. Our goal is to prepare our students for a productive life after graduation.